Pipe flow calculations for Pharma Industry

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——Computational Fluid Dynamics is the best tool that could predict the parameters for different physical and chemical processes. It assist the designing of the systems by eliminating the needs to build expensive prototypes and to perform complex experiments. Properly set by our experts, CFD will predict the temperatures, pressures, flow velocities, concentrations, shear stress, etc. for all the system points. The understanding of the processes gained in this way can help to speed up processes development, reduce costs and make the systems more reliable.

For Utilities (PW, WFI)

  • Water loops calculations
  • Pipe, pump, heat exchangers sizing
  • Pressure and backpressure regulators configuration
  • Design optimization
  • Pressures, flow, velocities calculations
  • Loop balance: orifice flows calculations
  • Simulations for different scenarios: all POU closed, worse case scenarios

For Utilities (CS/PS/AIr-Nitrogen)

  • Distribution systems calculations
  • Pipe sizing
  • Simulations for different scenarios: all POU closed, worse case scenarios.
  • Pressure, temperature calculations
  • Steam quality calculations for different scenarios
  • Pipe insulation optimization

For different systems

  • Pipe sizing
  • Transfer flows and times
  • Filtration flows and times
  • Δp on filters
  • Pressures / velocities / flows in all the system points

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